Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wholesale America - Liquidation Retail Merchandise / Groceries

Wholesale 4 America has contracts with many major retailers and catalog sales companies to distribute their product Closeouts, Surplus, Shelf Pulls, and Customer Returns inventory and can offer a wide variety of products. Large national retail chains and large national online retailers have made it hard to compete with straight Wholesale Lots at Wholesale Prices. Check Out Wholesale America's Low Price Surplus Lots With Overstock and Shelf Pulls, or One of Our Popular department store Truckloads or pallets of Overstock and Department Store Returns, or one of our other product Liquidations we offer at a fraction of Wholesale cost. Low price Closeouts and Liquidations can give you the competitive edge you need to profit in today's retail market.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wholesale America sells wholesale salvage grocery banana boxes and we have many faithful customers that we enjoy working with! We carry a wide variety of all kinds of grocery items from leading chain store retailers. There could be any assortment in a banana box, ranging from canned goods, cereals, juices, dressings, pastas, and sauces, etc. These items consist of overstock, shelf-pull, close-dated, slightly outdated, and slightly damaged goods. These salvage grocery banana boxes are brought into our warehouse all mixed together on a load and are not sorted or picked out.